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The Plug into Safety RCD campaign continues to garner coverage in a range of media outlets. Following on from the launch last May, the ESC has continued

We know that to really get a message across to an audience, you can’t just say it once and hope that people remember. You have to repeat it, over a period of time, in different ways, to try and embed the information,”explains Angela Murphy, ESC media manager. “To be really effective, a campaign needs time and if its objective is to help bring about behavioral change, it can take years.”

To take advantage of the summer seasonal focus, the Council initially targeted home and gardening publications - both in print and on-line - with a range of electrical safety tips emphasising RCD protection. Among the coverage gained are items in magazines such as Period Living, Traditional Homes and Garden News.

Of course, it is also vital that the ESC keeps the industry informed and involved in its activity; and the Council has achieved a spate of coverage in the trade press, particularly with the launch of the Electrician’s tool-kit (see below). Articles and news items have appeared in, to name a few, Professional Electrician, Electrical Digest and Electrical Contracting News.

The toolkit is specifically designed to help contractors communicate the benefits of RCD protection to customers. In addition to safety information, it also contains detachable, blank business cards - urging consumers to install RCD protection - which contractors can leave with clients after a house-call. This is just one of the ways in which the Council is supporting industry in encouraging householders to install RCDs and take on board basic safety messages. To supplement this, the Council has also been pursuing coverage in key stakeholder publications, including Fire and Rescue Services magazines and local council websites.

“There is no doubt that we have been able to achieve strong media coverage but the life-blood of any campaign is case studies – people's real-life stories," adds Angela. "We have been developing a number of these to use with the Plug into Safety campaign but we are always looking for more. So, if you, a friend or family member, or even a client, have a story to tell about how an RCD saved a life or prevented an injury – or could have, if one had been used – we would love to hear from you.”


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