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Electrical Inspectorate - Functions

Functions and Services

The Electrical Inspectorate Organization is responsible for enforcement of the provisions of:

  • Indian Electrical Act, 1910 and Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.
  • A. P. Cinemas (Regulations) Act, 1955 and A. P. Cinemas (Regulations) Rules 1970; Rules for Public Exhibition of Videos.
  • A. P. Electricity Duty Act, 1939 and rules made thereunder.
  • A. P. Electricity Licensing Regulations, 1987.
  • The A. P. Electrical Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 1981, 1988, 1991, 1993.

This organization is under the administrative control of the Energy Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh and is headed by Chief Electrical Inspector to Government.

Details of functions under various acts and rules are as follows:

I. Indian Electricity Act, 1910 and Indian Electricity Rules, 1956

  • Statutory Inspections of the Electrical Installation of Licensees and Sanction holders.
  • Inspection and issue of Statutory approvals for EHV and HV installations of consumers    (new as well as additions and alterations in the existing installations) under Rule 63 of    Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.
  • Inspection and Approval of Electrical Installation in high rise buildings    (of more than 15 meters height) under Rule 50-A of Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.
  • Annual Inspection of all EHV/HV consumer installations under Rule 46 of     Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.
  • Inspection and issue of Statutory approvals for all Neon sign and X-ray installations    under Rules 71 and 73 of Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.
  • Inspection of temporary installations pertaining to exhibitions, public functions, etc. ,    under section 30 of Indian Electricity Act, 1910.
  • Investigation of fatal and nonfatal electrical accidents and analyze the causes thereof.
  • Examine and finalize arbitration cases between the consumers and the suppliers i. e. ,    A. P. Transco and Power Distribution Companies.

II. A. P. Cinemas (Regulations) Act, A. P. Cinemas (Regulations) Rules, 1970, Rules for     Public Exhibition of Films on Videos and Rules for construction of Drive-in cinemas

  • Granting of Construction permission for all types of cinemas (temporary, permanent and    semi permanent), inspections and granting of Electrical and Fire Certificate in Form �D�.
  • Inspection and Granting of Electrical and Fire Certificate for video installations in    Form D (V)
  • Conducting examinations for cinema operators, grant of competency certificates and    permits to successful candidates.

III. Andhra Pradesh Electricity Duty Act, 1939 and Rules made thereunder:

  • Inspection of Accounts of all AO/Revenue Offices of A. P. Transco for the purposes of    assessing the Electricity Duty payable on the sale of energy and raise the Debit.
  • Inspection of accounts of all licensees and sanction holders in the state, assess the
    Electricity Duty payable and raise the debit.

IV.  Andhra Pradesh Electrical Licensing Regulations, 1987.

  • Issue of Licenses to electrical contractors (A grade and B grade).
  • Issue of Supervisor and wireman permits to eligible persons.
  • To see the proper implementation of licensing regulations throughout the state.

V.  House Hold Electrical Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 1981, 1988, 1991 and 1993 of Government of India under essential Commodities Act.

  • The subject of implementation of the household electrical appliances (Quality control) order, 1981 is transferred from the administration control of Industries Department to Energy Department as the Appropriate Authority. These orders are issued under the provision of section 3 of Essential Commodities Act, 1955.
  • The main objects of the order is to prevent manufacture, distribution and sale of sub-standard Domestic electrical appliances in the interest of public safety. Under the provisions of this order it is an offence to manufacture, distribute, store or sell. Any sub-standard appliance which is not in conformity with the specified standard with a view to strictly implement these orders the �Appropriate Authority� i. e. the Chief Electrical Inspector to Government has authorized all Deputy Electrical Inspectors of the organization to search all the electrical shops and seize any unauthorized and sub-standard goods/appliances and initiate actions as per the provisions of Essential Commodities Act.

The Standards Laboratory of the Electrical Inspectorate has the facilities to test the Following:

Energy meters, RSS (Rotation sub-standard) meters, Meggers, Direct indicating Instruments, Current transformers, Rubber gloves and Transformer oil samples. The Electrical Inspectorate also undertakes testing of consumer installations for leakage, measurement of insulation resistance of equipment and earth resistance and the request of consumers on payment of requisite fees.


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